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Houston went in November with an average point differential of 16.8 points per game, one of the 10 most statistically dominant months in NBA history, according to ESPN Stats Information. The Rockets have rolled by an average of 21.6 points during their streak of seven straight wins by a double-digit margin.11月,火箭队以12胜1负,场均净胜16.8分的战绩引跑全联盟,根据ESPN的数据和资料对比,这在NBA历史上是十项最有统计学意义的月数据之一。在过去的7连胜中火箭队都是两位数的优势场均净胜对手21.6分。So what exactly are the challenges for a team with the Wests best record that is winning so easily?那么接下来对于这个获得西部最佳战绩都是如此容易的队伍究竟还有什么挑战?The bigger picture, of course, means winning a championship, which is quite a challenge considering the Golden State Warriors historic collection of talent. Nobody will remember November and December if the Rockets experience misery in May.从长远来看,当然,目标是赢得总冠军,这是一个相当大的挑战,考虑到金州勇士可归为历史经典的天赋。如果火箭队在5月份季后赛表现不好,没有人会记得11月和12月。

Just not get too relaxed,Know what the bigger picture is. Just keep attacking. Have energy every game, because every game isnt going to be perfect. We want to win every game, but its not going to happen. We just need to find ways to grind days out.哈登如是说:“不要太放松,记得更大的目标是什么,保持攻击性。每场比赛都要保持活力,因为每场比赛都不会是完美的。我们想要赢得每一场比赛,但是这是不可能发生的,我们需要去发现变得更好的方式。”It sounds crazy, but I dont think we played well, up to our standards,As far as the turnovers and our defense giving up the offensive rebounds, were capable of a lot more. Going into every game, its about us. Weve just got to continue to get better.保罗如是说:“哪些听起来很疯狂,但是我认为我们打的还不够好,对于我们的标准来说,就失误和我们的防守,放弃进攻篮板而言,我们能做的还有很多。专注每一场比赛,它就是关于我们的,我们要做的就是继续变得更好。”Thats all we talk about, man: Pushing each other. Its the only way we can keep it going, pushing each other every single night. Thats the key to our success throughout the whole season, testing each other and pushing each other.“这就是我们在讨论的,就像有些人说的:相互激励,只有这样我们才能保持前进,每个夜晚都相互推动。那就是我们整个赛季都成功的关键,彼此测试并且相互推动。”None of the Rockets recent opponents have been able to push them.火箭近期的对手都没法打败火箭。